Elegant Tymes
A Woman should be Afraid to BE BEAUTIFUL


When God created the first woman, He presented her to the man that He created.  And when the man saw what God made for him, he expressed himself with pure excitement when he saw her.
                                                  Genesis 2:22-23

Women, we were created with real beauty to open the eyes of not only men, but also the eyes of other women.  We will be either seen as admired or we are hated.  Either way there is nothing we can do about that except continue to be kind and settle any differences that may occur to keep the peace.

Beauty is not only noticed on the outside, inside is where real beauty resides and when it shows on the outside, well, that's just the bonus.  Beauty is seen all throughout the world and what the world only see is the outside.  Women have to show that beauty resides inside because with that inner beauty it tells the story of who you are.  There are many types of women in the world, we have married women, single women, businesswomen and women on the go and with the role that a woman plays, she has to be a strong woman because most of the burden is put on her, especially if she is a woman with children.  Women are also wearing many different hats like teacher, physician, dictator, director and disciplinary.  She is a woman who pretty much has to hold her own.

Most women want to be loved and pampered by the men that we love, but with some men, they usually do not like to do such things and when they do those things that we desire it is usually out of guilt.  I am not male bashing because there are some good men out there that want to do these things, but some women are not too receptive at times.  So it depends on the situation.

In the second part of Proverbs 31:10, it says "She is far more precious than jewels."  Even our All Mighty God says we are so precious.  Don't get me wrong, God loves us all, but God understands women because we were created in His image.  Let me clarify "made in His image", God is a God of love, He is a nuturer and a comforter, so part of his image does not only mean the outward appearance, but what's inside. (The Spirit)  And women, we are filled with love and we are nuturers and comforters for our families and to the ones we love,


but also, do not forget we are human beings and if we are misrepresented improperly then we will naturally  react.  We are emotional creatures of habit and we do make mistakes, but we must strengthen ourselves and be with people who will restore us and encourage us and this is where Elegance and Beauty comes together.  We should always try to carry ourselves with a sense of decorum because with this act of decency, then the beauty of our inner beauty comes out.

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