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 I am the President and Founder of Elegant Tymes, a business that was formed to let women know that they should not be afraid of being beautiful. 


 Elegant Tymes is a business that sells "POPCORN CLOTHING" for women.  I have been selling these clothes since November 2007.  These clothes are fun to sell and these are the type of clothes that makes you want to smile.  I am very excited about selling these clothes and I am always amazed when I see people try them on and when I see how much they are amazed, the customer and I really gets some good laughs because it is so unbelievable to them.

The best thing that I like about selling these types of clothes is the fact that they are great for traveling and when I really give them a sales pitch about these clothes, well, the rest is history.

Also with these clothes I just want women to feel comfortable when they are wearing them.  I, myself do not have the best, perfect 36-26-36 body and that is why I have to wear the outfits  so my customers can really see what it looks like on a live person.

These clothes are so versatile, they can go from casual to elegance......


My Mission Statement


My Mission is to help women have a sense of accomplishment in their lives.  I want to help women get a hold of themselves and stop allowing certain situations to stop them from having a dream.

Deuteronomy 8:18 says "And you should remember the Lord our God, for it is He who gives you power to get wealth, that He may establish His covenant which He swore to your fathers as it is to this day."

And because our All Mighty God gave us life, then it is up to us with the ability to accomplish what our purpose is for this life.  Wealth does not only mean having lots of money, money is just the source to accomplish other things.  But to have the energy, the motivation and the drive for yourself.  People will see the happiness and greatness within you, where you will draw the people to you and this is the opportunity to share your experience and help them get through theirs.


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